Beautiful and Creative Calendar Designs

Like a tradition, most brands, companies and even families order their custom-made calendars with special and distinctive design to welcome the new year. Calendars come in a wide array of styles to fit people’s preferences, e.g. desk calendars, wall calendars, calendar cards, calendar posters and Chinese almanac calendars, as well as a myriad of designs that boast different elements and components, e.g. cutting, illustration and creativity. If you are looking for inspirations for your custom-made new year calendar and don’t know where to begin, sit back and let us be your guide.


Paper Craft


Livet är toppar & dalar – Desk Calendar by Emelie Josefin // Av Klave

Make your calendar cards stand out with a custom shape die-cut to match your brand or messages. Turning them to an easy catch-all by giving them a high and low stack design that forms a beautiful picture when they are stacked together. Like this calendar, each card is cut into the shape of a snow mountain, and they form a range of mountains when placed together.

Accordion calendars stand on its own thanks to its accordion fold. Great on the wall or on the desk. To make it more eye-catching, give it a city’s silhouette cut.

Calendar cards with a die-cut hole that shrinks as each month passes. This type of design is suitable to represent how nature’s expression changes.

Use negative space in the design with exquisite cutting to make an impact.

3D embossed patterns add a sprinkle of glamour to the calendar cards.


Illustrations and drawings

ITUCHU 2018 calendar by Taku Bannai

Adorn your calendar with sceneries or activities that go with different months. People will fall in love with large-scale drawings in pastel colours that look and feel calm.

If wanderlust has got you or you have been obsessed with international culture, why not go for different cities’ attractions?

Microseasons of Japan poster series by Lisa Furze

Some traditions should not be forgotten. Divide your calendar into different seasons or solar terms and illustrate each in a style inspired by black ink paintings.

Turn your calendar into mini plates drawn with different illustrations that are independent but somehow interrelated, so you can enjoy a different picture that tells a simple story 365 days.



Are you a minimalist who longs for something different in the new year? Ground-breaking layouts that feature numbers aligned diagonally, like a half-sphere and a spiral elevates beauty and attracts attention like an art piece.

Minimalism rules. Enlarged letters that represent each month take dominance, rendering a neat and clear layout.

2014 Minimalist Calendar by Reevo Saulus

It’s always a good idea to go minimal and pick pared-down patterns.

Blue Calendar by Carolina Aboarrage

Get down to the nitty-gritty and print only the month, date and day of the week and moon phases. The tear-off calendars that come with a glued spine in different colours look good on the wall too.


Patterns & Shapes

Calendars are made artistic thanks to the pictures formed by groups of shapes.

Make your calendar pop by filling the blanks around dates with patterns that match the background colour.

Decorate the calendar with bold and exaggerated patterns in contrasting colours and change the way people perceive a ‘Chinese tear calendar’. Cool and eye-catching, isn’t it?

Use multicoloured geometric patterns to form the shape of different objects or animals to leave a fun impression.


Creativity and Fun

Break the tradition. What if we can play with a calendar? This calendar allows users to play with different pieces and put them together to make various forms.

Fun and innovative, this bubble wrap calendar lets you pop your stress away.

Color Swatch Calendar 2017 by Peter von Freyhold

The Colour Swatch Calendar contains CMYK colours stripes. Tear off a colour stripe each day for inspiring colour combinations and to create your own colour sets. Designers will love this calendar.

Antalis Calenclock 2012 by Ken Lo

Clock and Calendar both remind us of the fleeting nature of time. There comes a useful and creative product when both are brought together.



CC+ is more than just a magazine production expert. We also take pride in our design for other publications and products. Desk calendars, wall calendars, calendar cards – you name it, we’ve got it all covered. We aim at designing calendars that are not only useful, but also beautiful, unique, and most importantly, collectable.

Four Seasons Tree Calendar

A calendar designed by CC+. The calendar forms a picture of the wildlife in a forest, including the CC Monkey, the Busy Bird (Spring), Hedgehog family (Summer), CleverCoon (Autumn) and Ice-cold Owl (Winter), and the colour of the leaves were inspired by the four seasons. The elements symbolise vitality, belongingness and a fruitful year. Clients can simply rig up the Tree, spread the leaves and hook the CC Monkeys on the tree wherever they like.

CC+ X L.H.P.L Desk Calendar

Inspired by the tangram, a creative invention by the ancient Chinese, the calendar was designed to give the client’s brand a fresh look. The calendar is available in two versions: The original version comes with a colourful and playful design where the tangrams are put together to form different animal shapes. The deluxe version has a contemporary look thanks to the gold and silver foil stamping and the month numbers represented by tangrams.



Are you planning to make a custom-made calendar to represent your brand for 2020? CC+ is here to provide you with the creative solutions you need. Get a quote today or call us for more information.
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