Get into the Christmas Spirit with These 2018 Heart-Warming Christmas Ads

Christmas is making its presence felt with all the romantic and sparkling Christmas lights illuminating the streets and buildings. As we are about the welcome the best time of the year – Christmas, different brands are also getting us into the Christmas spirit with a collection of Christmas adverts. Most of them take on a heartwarming approach that gives us all the feels to help establish the friendly side of the brands. Some put a smile on our faces, some make us teary, some make us wonder what comes next, while some puts us in awe. Let’s embrace Christmas with these ads.


Apple – Share Your Gifts

Apple, who took home numerous ad awards every year, is well-known for their creative ideas to promote their products. This year, Apple promotes its brand with an animation that melts our hearts. ‘Gift’ in English has a double meaning: ‘a present’ and ‘a talent’. Circling around the theme ‘Share Your Gift’, the animation encourages people not to be afraid to show the world their wonderful creations as they could be a gift to others. Apple deliberately left traces of its products throughout the animation, expressing the brand’s significance in the world of designers.

What’s worth mentioning is that the animation is created with a hand-made set with CGI characters incorporated into the story. The bedroom, the bakery, the streets are brought to life by hands to give that human qualities. The resources, efforts and time being put into the project amaze everyone. Click here to see how the team brought the animation to life.


Sainsbury – The Big Night

When we were young, Christmas celebration always came with Christmas performance. Sainsbury, the UK’s supermarket chain, brings us the festive joy by inviting Michael Gracey, the director of the Greatest Showman, to take the helm of the Christmas commercial, which casts a group of lovely kids dancing and singing to a Christmas song, each dressed as a variety of Christmas staple. The most impressive actor has to be the plug because his aim was just so on point! The children had taken part in a series of rehearsals before the shooting, and their parents were intentionally kept away from the rehearsals before the shoot day. The efforts the whole cast pulled off was absolutely mind-blowing. They truly had lived up to Sainsbury’s Christmas theme this year – ‘We give all we’ve got for the ones we love’, even if their role is just a plug.


Twitter – John Lewis #NotaRetailStore

This is a story about Twitter and John Lewis. John Lewis is a lecturer living in the United States and also an active twitter user, whose account name is @johnlewis. Every year, especially during the festive seasons, he gets bombarded with tweets from the British, including enquiries, complaints, opinions. Never did he imagine that he has the same name as a famous British department store, which uses @jlandpartners as its official account. Apparently, numerous twitter users have mistaken John Lewis for the retail store. While most people would feel completely troubled by these hassles, Lewis spends time replying to these folks with humour. Twitter has now become a big part of his daily life.

This Christmas, Twitter made the best of the mistake and created a Christmas ad featuring this ‘famous nobody’ with his Twitter’s profile description ‘Not a retail store’ as the tagline. The story in the ad goes in line with the core value of Twitter – ‘Join the conversation’.


John Lewis – The Boy and the Piano

The John Lewis in this ad is no others but the real giant department store in the UK. The story is about the power of a gift, and how that gift inspired, changed and influenced the UK famous singer and songwriter Elton John. The ad shows the life of Elton in backwards chronologically until the Christmas morning when he received a special gift that made him a music legend shining around the globe. The teary film corresponds to the tradition of gift-gifting at Christmas and most importantly, it carries a powerful message that how a thoughtful gift can change a person life. It is a witty move indeed to tug on the heartstrings of the customers while pushing the brand.

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