Impressive Business Card Design Guide

Business cards represent you and your company. No matter how advanced the world has become, business cards are still a mainstay of business. As important as it is, most business cards often end up in the clutter and we cannot figure out who is who after the networking events. To change the game, it is better to ensure the business card appear attractive enough not to only make a great first impression, and also a lasting impression.

Wondering how to get on with making a unique business card? There are 4 areas you can work on to help bring the design of it to the next level. Let us be your guide today.

(1) Materials and Texture

One of the important things to do after deciding on what the business card includes is to choose the right printing materials. Paper aside, there are in fact different printing materials to choose from, such as plastic, wood and metal. After careful consideration over the pros and cons of each material, pick the one that suits your business best to help enhance brand impression. For example, if you are an architectural designer, wood or metal might be the one for you.

transparent plastic business card by M.H. Taohid ;


Paper doesn’t mean it has to be boring because it comes in different weight, texture and finish. Why not utilise its characteristics and play around with it? You can go for embossing, debossing or letter press to make the card not only look special, but also entice the sense of touch that will make anyone receiving it run their thumb across it.

Business card design 2019 by Yoshie TOKUDOME on Behance;
Elegante Press

(2) Typography

Make your business card stand out by creating a major typographic element. Typography not only improves text readability but also turns text into visual elements, making the entire presentation aesthetically pleasant. While most traditional business sticks to traditional types like Arial, Helvetica and so on, you can set yours apart by choosing a type that is readable yet modern. If you are running an unconventional company, you may also want to form the type into shapes or arranging the letters in an artistic manner like diagonally or vertically.

Twig & Co. by Mildred & Duck on Behance
Basement Theatre designed by Studio Alexander

(3) Die-cut

Another trick that you can incorporate into your business card design is die-cuts. You can either have you logo cut out of your card or create custom shaped cards for your business. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to the shapes of business cards. Be a trend setter to create a high-impact first impression. But one thing to be sure of is not to go extra when doing so. Also, keep the card a reasonable size so it can fit into your clients’ wallets well.


(4) Functionality

Double the chances of keeping your business card top of mind by adding functionality to it. You can turn the card into something useful that reminds people of your business whenever they use them. Examples include bookmarks or rulers. These types of business card are actually an effective advertising tool to help enhance the exposure of both the card and your business. Coupled with attractive design and durable printing materials, your business card will sure be always put to good use.

CC+ Business Name Card


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