#InstaGiftGuide Instagram Presents to You the Perfect Gift Guide for the Holiday

In 2018, Instagram went through quite a lot of changes. It does not only take up a big part of our online social networking lives, but also becomes the place where we watch videos, find information and satisfy our shopping craving. The emergence of this media giant has given rise to numerous influencers and helps brands, streets, walls, or even a chair rise above the noise. You would never know how much a hashtag can do to the world trends, and how important Instagram is to a slew of brands.

The popularity of Instagram has made itself one of the most coveted destinations for brands to promote their products and services in order to reach their target markets more efficiently, especially the young adults. They keep the platform meticulously attractive to affect the customers’ behaviour and feelings towards the brands. Some even outsource this online marketing task to agencies to enhance the brand’s presence with more captivating photos, videos, stories and captions.

Jo Malone’s Instagram


Recently, Instagram has launched an online marketing solution which features a holiday gift list video, namely #InstaGiftGuide, matching six popular hashtag trends from 2018 with 34 brands on Instagram. Each video, which is less than one minute long, wins our attention with its fun and witty visuals. With that being said, the idea behind this project is even more impressive because it kills three birds with one stone: it presents with a great opportunity to boost the hashtag trend, promote the shopping function on the platform and help the brands make their presence felt on social media.



Instagram is a purrrfect place for cat lovers. The elegance of cats happens to match the brand images of many cosmetics and perfume brands. Did this fluffy product placement video ad win your heart like what it did to me?



Get your fingers moving and search ‘Tutting’ on Instagram, and then you will be bombarded with millions of dancing videos involving fingers. To match the prevailing trend of #tutting, the brands in this video are bold, unconventional and on the cutting edge.



Photos or videos that are ‘Oddly Satisfying’ have been everyone’s popular destination for relaxation. Does this inexplicably satisfying video with ASMR trigger the inexplicable feeling in you?



Fingerboarding is an unusual sport which is popular among those who enjoy riding on skateboards. To take fingerboarding to the next level, you shouldn’t miss these hand accessories.



Vaporwave originally refers to a genre of electronic music. Later it gives rise to an aesthetic incorporating visual elements like pastel colours, palm trees, sun & beaches, Greek statues. To complete the picture, the cool aesthetic should be paired with one-of-a-kind fashion elements. Are there anything you would love to try it on?



This is what #Iseefaces photos look like on Instagram:

Following the same concept, Instagram created a face on #InstaGiftList using different kinds of products. If it were not for the ending, it would be almost impossible to figure out what the video was all about.


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