Irresistible Invitation Design

With the year drawing to an end, everyone is busy getting ready for a full range of parties, which all need a creative and brilliant invitation design to grab people’s attention. Looking for event invitation ideas? Don’t worry. The three types of irresistible invitation design below have you covered: ‘Beautiful presentation’ , the ‘Interactive and fun’ and the ‘One-of-a-kind’.


Beautiful Presentation


Acrylic Invitation

Acrylic Invitations can be cut into different shapes and printed with beautiful calligraphy and patterns. They are the perfect choice to make your event elegant and gorgeous. People will also keep them for good.


Louis Vuitton — Invitation Origami

You will be surprised at how many things we can make out a piece of paper. A design agency in Paris was asked to design and produce the invitation for LV store opening in Osaka. Inspired by the traditional Japanese origami, they imbued the invitation with the art of paper folding and adopted silver mat and pearl foil to meet the brand’s luxurious and elegant image.

Paper Cut

Burberry Prorsum

Paper cut turns an invitation card into a classy art piece. Burberry’s intricate laser-cut floral pattern invitation just makes you want to say ‘yes’ to the event.


Nike We Run London

Pop-up design is show stopping and is a great fun twist to any types of card. Nike’s minimal, timeless invitation card for ‘We Run London’ features a pop-up display of London iconic buildings adorned with a subtle touch of gold and creamy tint.

Gold Foil

Freixenet Invites by Them Design More

There’s no better choice to give an invitation a touch of elegance, festive vibe and quality than to embellish it with gold. The invitation card of Freixenet, a producer of Spanish sparkling wines, is full of gold foil dots, symbolising the delicate bubbles in the brand’s luxurious sparkling wines.


Stella McCartney invitation /

Holographic’s shimmering colours grab everyone’s attention and have always been one of the favourites of a lot of brands. Stella McCarteney’s invitation printed on holographic paper stock is affixed with a pair of drinking spec, refencing to the optical illustrations in her designs.


The Interactive and Fun


An Invitation to Play With

2016 Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony invitation

Lure your guests with an invitation that is ‘fun and beautiful’. The invitation to the Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony took the form of a 3D transparent pinball game, with the four golden pinballs representing the four categories of the award. The process of playing with it is similar to how designers look for ideas through rough patches.

Tear it Off for Fun

Jean Paul Gaultier

Most invitations only get a few seconds of attention and are forgotten afterwards. Keep your guests’ attention with interactive elements which require them to tear off the stripes to find the messages underneath.


Maison Martin Margiela fashion week

Maison Martin Margiela’s tiny torch is definitely an impressive invitation. It is a torch key chain which projects the event details only when it is shone onto a dark surface, giving us the fun of being a detective.

View-Master Invitation

A stunning design satisfies our eyes, but a design that goes even further in the area of vision exploration wins our hearts. At first glance this invitation looks like a complete mess but not anymore when you put on a pair of 3D glasses.

LED Invitation

H&M x Maison Martin Margiela Invitation

Looking for a more dynamic design? H&M x Maison Martin Margiela created their invitation with cutting-edge elements – scroll their message on a LED matrix. Looking cool!


TeePee Invite

Make sure your guests won’t get their hands off your invitation with beautiful design, functionality and entertaining elements. This invitation requires the guests to get crafty and make a teepee out of the materials given. Isn’t it fun and beautiful? It also serves as a decorative reminder of the event to come.


The One-of-a-Kind


Iain R. Webb: Invitation Strictly Personal, Antonio Berardi /
Moschino ; ;
Moschino Cheap and Chic, Autumn/Winter 2003-04 ;
“It’s a Wrap!” Invitation ;
Orla Kiely Invitation

Library Card
Does this invitation remind you of the good old times at school library? If you are looking for something vintage that rings a bell in everyone’s memory, this is the one for you.

Wrapping Paper
A two-in-one choice. Like what the name suggests, this ‘It’s a wrap’ invitationn, which comes with 10 different playful patterns, can be used as wrapping paper.

Hang Tag
Louis Vuitton gives out invitation hang tags to spice up the invitation. It is a smart way to recall the fashion line of the brand.

Credit Card
How great would it be if this was a real credit card! Fashion brand Antonio Berardi sent out this invitation which looks almost too real to their guests. It presents all the information in the way a credit card does and even includes a hologram label.

Key Chain
A cut-to-the-chase invitation. Moschino’s colourful invitation features three keys and three simple key chains written with the event’s information and the guest’s name.

A Fan
Hand fans are not quite on the trend nowadays, but this one is an exception. Elegant and fashionable, it suffices to be an official product of Moschino. This invitation takes the form of a hand fan which shows the message when it is spread out.



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