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Print ads, videos, publications and any others, graphics are what make them attractive to our eyes. Eye-catching graphics make content more powerful and easier to understand. In this mobile era, mobile apps are obliged to earn our hearts not only with user-friendly functions but also stunningly beautiful visual graphics. Not to mention the role of graphics in game apps. The game apps below contain aesthetics graphics and illustrations to enhance users’ experience.


Florence – Minimalistic Illustration

The 2018 Apple Design Award winner Florence is an interactive story app which centers around a girl who named Florence. The game captures the love story of the girl and ups and downs in her life. To keep players feel engaged with the story plot, the hand-drawn illustrations are thoroughly delicate and simple. ‘I didn’t want Florence to look like a game. I wanted it to stand out as something different and fresh. I would scan these sketches and then modify them in Photoshop,’ says Ken Wong, the lead designer of the game, in an interview with Milanote.

It is worth noting that the objects’ colours change with the emotions of the characters. Examples include the grayish colour tone in the beginning of the story to represent Florence’s disappointment towards her life; the sofa turns yellow when the characters are filled with joy. ‘In a game where we tell the story without words, images like this are so important,’ says Ken.

Florence is definitely a game that wins your heart with its sophisticated illustrations, music or interactive elements.


Monument Valley II – Isometric Design

Monument Valley is born from the design house of Florence, but it comes in a completely different style. Monument Valley is a puzzle game which has two different versions. The sequel centres around a mother and her child. Palyers are required to lead the characters through the maze-like levels. According to the designer, the isometric Monument Valley 2 stresses the emotional experience it offers rather than the plot. To give a rich experience to the players, the game drawn inspiration from the illusion drawings of M.C. Escher and made use of the concepts of ‘Penrose triangle’, ‘concave and convex’ and ‘2D to 3D Conversions’ to create a 3D world of surreal buildings drawn from Middle Eastern, Indian and North African architecture. Some levels feature Japanese gardens and other Asian elements. In terms of the colour, they are more contrasting and brighter than the first, leaving plenty of rooms for imagination for the users.


Frost – Illuminated Hand-Drawn Small Particles

Another Apple Design Award 2018 winner Frost emphasises personal imaginable experience. Players have to draw paths to guide the flocking spirits to their home planets, then watch countless beautiful creatures emerge from light, bring balance to a world in constant motion, and unravel its mysteries. The game is like a dazzling light show where the players can interact and experience the complexity of this phenomenon. Frost ultilises the iOS GPU technology Metal to made possible the simulation of swarms and flocks, consisting of thousands of individuals.


Ink, Mountains and Mystery – Chinese traditional drawings style

Ink, Mountains and Mystery is a visual novel app featuring the traditional Chinese landscape paintings. Co-developed with the Palace Museum in Beijing, the game is created based on the Song Dynasty classic: A Thousand Li of Rivers, recreating the charming scroll paintings of landscapes and stories hidden behind. The game represents the artistic conceptions and beauty of traditional Chinese landscape paintings, drawing the players into a world of classic fantasy and impressing them with the charm of ancient traditional cultures.


Inside – Black-and-White 2D Graphics

Inside is a 2D puzzle platformer that revolves around a boy. To enhance the tension in the story plot, everything in the game is mostly black and white, grim and dark, creating a dreary and unsettling atmosphere that makes us dread. With that being said, the game is still exquisitely crafted with subtle details, from the water ripples, the reflections of light over the water surface, the raindrops to the dust particles hovering in the air. Everything appears to be finely polished despite of the pale colour palette.


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