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SKYSHOP Inflight Shopping Magazine 2016 (July-Sep Issue)

Client Description
  • SKYSHOP is the inflight duty free magazine of Hong Kong Airlines which published quarterly by CC+. We are responsible for the magazine’s design, editorial, production and printing.

    In 2015, we revamp SKYSHOP to make consistent with its brand identity, which is young, modern, friendly and energetic.

    As the magazine cover is reserved for advertisement, we use photo frame as our design principle, creates a more focused environment to advertisement. Other elements of cover like masthead and issue no. are kept outside of the frame minimize disturbance to the ad and grab readers’ attention more efficiently. On the other hand, the photo frame design also enhances the sense of art for the whole magazine.

    For the use of colour, gold and brown colour on the cover represents mature and elegant, pastel colour in the content is friendly and fun, the mix and match of these two colour tones added taste of fashion to the magazine.

  • DFASS Group is a world-class leader in retail options for travelers and travel-related audiences. They co-operate with many major airlines to provide on board duty free shopping.


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