Promote Your Brand with Different Types of Branding Video

Content marketing is leading the marketing world. Lots of brands turn to creating online materials that implicitly promote the brand while stimulate interests in its products or services. Branding videos are one of the fastest and most effective ways to get your brand seen and heard. To create a branding video, we must first decide on the type of video we want to produce. Is it a video that is going to explain the service or product you provide? Or is it a video that going to engage your audience through testimonials? If you are unsure of which style you should go for, here we have rounded up 5 different types of branding video to fit your needs.


(1) Explainer Video

An explainer video provides a quick and easy explanation about your company’s product or service. It is the first step of forging lasting relationships with your clients or customers in an easily understandable way. Through turning a big chunk of text into informative graphics that is just a few minutes long, explainer videos engage viewers and help them understand what’s your business is about. Avoid going into much detail in an explainer video but be precise and on point to keep the viewers’ attention. Grammarly’s video is a good example of explainer video that appeals to the public by showing how their artificial intelligence works in a short space of time.


(2) Testimonials

A testimonial is a powerful tool to convince your clients or customers through the mouths of others. People usually take the review and praise from someone outside of the brand into their consideration before making any purchase. It is also proven that people tend to trust reviews from strangers more than they trust their acquaintances. Testimonials take leverage of social proof to engage the viewer and evoke their emotions without being too gimmicky.
Apple’s testimonials are always one of the best among the industry. The video below moves people to buying Apple Watch by showing testimonies on how the product saved lives.


(3) Case Study

Another way to convince your target market your service or product is of great use to them is to give them an example of how you addressed past projects or scenarios. Showing your solutions that solved your client’s problem or added value to their businesses, like what Google Analysis did in their case study video, helps build credibility of your brand and ease your clients’ worries. The benefits will double if the featured client in the video is from a recognisable brand.


(4) Company Culture Video

Products or services aside, your company culture serves an important role in leaving a good impression on your prospect clients. As you show the human side of your business, your viewers get to understand your management style, team personality and day-to-day running, thus building trust in your company. A company with a welcoming culture, friendly people and a positive workspace usually builds itself as a happy brand and proves to others the ability of building lasting relationships with its employees, which somehow speaks to its clients in a way that engages and excites.


(5) User-Generated Video

User-generated videos are content shot by users. They are a powerful tool to influence customers’ choices. Not only does this type of video come with great shareability, the fact that it is made purely for sharing makes it easier to influence people’s thoughts on certain products or services. The unique content also offers insight into a brand’s integrity and reliability. GoPro is literally a leading brand which lends itself to user-generated content. They have even created a webpage dedicated to showing the best content generated by their customers. The video showing the firemen saving kittens is a perfect example to show how the brand gains more popularity though someone outside their business.



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