Restaurant Interior Designs that Turn Your Assumptions Upside Down

A restaurant needs more than just delicious meals and remarkable service to leave a good impression on its customers. An incredible restaurant interior also sets the stage for customer’s dining experience. Similar to graphic design, the objective of interior design is to communicate the brand’s message and to impress customers through surprising design ideas. The four restaurants we are going to show you today offer their diners living in the modern cities a brand-new chic and contemporary dining experience with interior designs that turn all their assumptions upside down.


When Cantonese Restaurant Takes on a Stylish & Illusory Appearance

When we talk about Chinese cuisine, we may conjure up a restaurant with a very traditional Chinese appearance.

But what if I tell you there is a Cantonese restaurant around the world that features a dark interior with shades of neon blue, presenting an aura of mystery and glamour as if it is a high-end lounge?

Described as the ‘sexiest Chinese restaurant’, Michelin Star restaurant Hakkasan is an upscale, modern Chinese restaurant that opened its first location in London in 2001, and has been offering Cantonese cuisine worldwide since. Hakkasan’s mission is to offer its diners the finest culinary experience, as well as to surprise their senses in every possible way.

Each location encapsulates a similar design concept: a fusion of Chinese tradition and modern elements. Chinese traditional motifs can be found in the wooden screens, lattice doors and windows, Chinese lantern pedant lighting, while the shades of blue lighting that leads area, ambient music and Hakkasan’s iconic scents give the restaurant a stylish vibe, creating a space that blends the tradition with the future and offering the guests an unforgettable sensory experience.


Mott 32
Glamourous Film Setting

Chinese restaurants that serve top quality cuisine can be seen everywhere, but very few can also greet our eyes. Mott 32 in Central is named after 32 Mott Street in New York, the site of NYC’s first Chinese convenience store. Paying tribute to that, Mott 32’s interior blends lofty New York industrial style with Chinese imperial elements, imbuing the space with a touch of uniqueness and elegance.

As diners descend the stairwell that winds down to the underground lair, they will be greeted with a glamourous film setting: captivating elements, dim lighting, lavish and extravagant decorations, double high ceilings, etc. The cinematic restaurant also features sophisticatedly decorated walls, from exposed concrete walls to walls adorned with Chinese drawings. One of the VIP rooms even take people by surprise by lining the walls with calligraphy brushes. Mott 32 blurs the line between the past and present, with every design detail speaks an aesthetically beautiful concept.


Gogyo – Ippudo
Ramen with Wine

Wood furniture, warm lighting, red lanterns and noren, open kitchen, limited seating … are these what come up in your mind when you hear the words ‘ramen shop’?

However, Gogyo in Sydney, Australia is nothing like anything you knew. Ditching the red interior in Tokyo, the ramen shop in Australia opted for an elegant and contemporary style that makes you wonder if you are in a fine dining restaurant. Along with fine dining elements, a lot of attention has been paid to the interior to exhibit the essence of Japanese aesthetics, from dark oak dining tables and chairs, traditional Japanese lanterns to Japanese wooden screens. Guests are invited to enjoy their ramen and take a sip of wine in this high-end ‘ramen shop’ where the contemporary elements and Japanese details harmoniously blend into the setting.


A Fast Food Shop of the Future

McDonalds, the world’s fast food shop for anyone, a place for adults’ gathering, a paradise for children. Therefore, the colours red and yellow were chosen as the combination triggers appetite and is associated with happiness and passion.

To our surprise, the new McDonald in Chicago has replaced the red and yellow style with a clean appearance and glass walls that looks strikingly similar to an Apple Store.

The eatery is a steel structure covered with glass panels, which allow its customers to enjoy their meals under natural light. You barely can find a spot of red in this double-height McDonald, but a palette of pale wood, black and grey, which gives off a pared-back style that is different from the bustling atmosphere that other McDonalds offer. To liven up the space, there is a raised garden of ferns and white birch trees in the centre of the building, along with other greenery that covers the other parts. The McDonald also pays respect to nature by installing a canopy of solar panels to offset part of the restaurant’s non-renewable energy consumption. From its appearance to core design, this eatery communicates its mission well – giving its customers an ‘experience of the future’.

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