The Importance of an Outstanding Company Profile Brochure

Your company profile says lots about your business. It is an effective marketing tool which shows your prospective clients the competitiveness, values and image of your company. A well written company profile is therefore important to set your business apart from others and make it successful for the long haul.

Annual Report designed by CCPlus for 1010 Group.
Brochure designed by CCPlus for HOFEX

People often associate company profiles with a boring and unattractive image, which is why a number of brands hire design specialists to help them present their company profiles in an appealing and creative way. Here’s what an attractive company profile is going to help with your business development:

• It helps your clients or business partners to understand your company’s values, goals, visions in a clear and presentable way.

• Unlike the social media or the website, your company profile helps build a professional brand image that helps enhance the credibility of your company.

• A well-planned company profile with presentable design profile proves that your company take every detail with full attention.

• It serves a great tool in impressing your customers if you are going have a meeting with them.

• Large organisations usually prefer traditional professionalism. With an attractive print company profile, you are going to create a presence and grab their attention.

To give a professional introduction about your company doesn’t mean you have to settle for something monotonous. Let us show you how you can make your company profile attractive and informative at the same time:


(1) Pick a defining quote and make good use of content blocks

Project: Copmany Profile by Shariful Isalm on Behance


Pick a powerful sentence that best represents your company. It can either be a quote from you or one of your staff or a sentence that reflects your values. Next, put it bold and large on the page to grab people’s attention. Also, make good use of content blocks to help lay out your information in a clear way.


(2) Infographics always matter

Annual Report Design by CCPlus
Company Profile Brochure Template by Divergent Studio


In a company profile, different forms of data are needed to back up your company’s strengths and accomplishments and to convince your prospective customers to entrust their money to you. This is why we should include infographics in the company profile to make things easier to understand.


(3) Keep the brand visuals consistent and visible

Wilson Annual Report Layout by Shanti Sparrow
Wilson Annual Report Layout by Shanti Sparrow


The brand visual is one of the tools to reflect your company’s image. It is therefore important to keep the branding visuals consistent through your company profile or simply use it as the main visual of it to confirm your branding.


(4) Sufficient White Space

Annual Report & Company Profile by Egotype on Behance


White space is always the golden rule to a clean and aesthetically pleasing design. While the content is important, you must keep some white space around it to create more rooms to breathe, and most importantly, make it more professional.


(5) Custom Illustration

Annual Report Design by CCPlus
Herman Miller – A Better World by Moniker SF on Behance


Inserting stock illustration could be one of the quickest solutions. But the benefits that custom illustrations offer are way more than what stock illustration can bring. Custom illustrations not only look attractive, but also give you a unique voice that only belongs to you to represent your business. Your perspective clients can also get a better idea of your content through the illustrations, especially if your product or service is difficult to explain in words.


(6) Use High Quality Images

Company Profile by amro Hammady on Behance


The quality of image plays a critical role in defining your brand image. Company brochures with sharp and clear images show your professional side and connect with your perspective clients better. You can also show how much efforts you put in when providing your service or products, even the smallest effort counts. If you are running a business that belongs to the service sector, personalised high-resolution photographs of what you are offering are is very important because the photographs emphasise your products in a way that words cannot convey. That is why a lot of brands hire professional photographers to help them create high-resolution photos.



Your company profile is a vital component of branding to reach your potential clients. This work is best handled by professionals to help lay out your ideas in a creative way. Let us help you tell your story with appealing design, illustrations and photographs. Feel free to contact us at or 3460 5052.

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