2019 Design Trends Guide

As designers, we set our eyes on each year’s design trend. As 2019 has begun, it’s time for all of us to wonder the upcoming trends in the design world, which are the new trends, and which will continue to gain ground since 2018. The designers at Milo has concluded eight general design trends based on their observations over the work on Behance. The design house is well-versed at UI design with years of experience across different design fields. They have been sharing the design trends of each year since 2016, with careful observations over graphic design, typography, packaging design, UI and logo design. We believe their analysis would be advantage for you to start fresh this year and enhance your business’ influence.


Trend of the Year – Custom Made Illustration

According to recent statistics, custom made illustrations give 7 times better results than stock photos. A unique illustration with bold colours makes your products or services rise above the noise. A brilliant illustrator can create a vibrant illustration to suit a brand’s needs.


General Trends


1) Bold Colours

In 2018, vivid colours were a popular choice in the world of design. This trend is expected to grow in 2019 with colours of bolder colours and oversaturated tone growing all over the place. Together with Pantone’s revelation of the colour trend for 2019, courageous colours are undoubtedly one of the perfect choices to help your work or business to stand out.

Author: Vladimir Lifanov, Aslamova Viktoriya – Project: Loudhead


2) Asymmetry

When most people hear about ‘asymmetry’, they think about lack of balance. However, ‘asymmetry’ is way much more than that. In fact, we can use it to create harmony and balance the composition by breaking the traditional balance. We can play with different elements, such as typography, geometric shapes and 3D render, to create a one-of-a-kind work.

Author: CFC – Project: EASY PEASY


3) Animations

Using small animations on websites, ads or apps helps improve the way users interact with your business. These types of animations can be integrated in all forms of media.

Author: Markus Magnusson – Project: Channel Surfing

Author: Aleksey Vasiliev – Project: Flowers


4) Eclectic Style

Eclectic style means a style that comprises heterogeneous visual elements, altogether giving an amazing outcome. It is a challenging style indeed, but it is going to make your work superlative.

Author: Maxime Francout – Project: Festival International de Jazz de Montréal
Author: Slava Kornilov – Project: FRASH Canada


5) Gradients

Gradient effect has earned a place in 2017-2018 and is going to stay even in 2019. With big names like Apple and Instagram using gradients in their branding, this effect promises to give you an advantage over the competition.

Author: Belu — -Project: Hedgehog Fibres


6) Isometric Design

Isometric design gives images made with 2D geometries a 3-dimensional look. We have seen this design in trends for the past years. In 2019, with illustrations taking over all design fields, this should be taken into the trends for this year.

Author: MORPHINE Motion Graphics – Project: McDonald’s Monopoly
Author: Mohamed Samir – Project: Fast Company — 100 Most Creative People 2018


7) Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) has been widely used in websites or app design. Some online shops even integrate this technology into their websites. As AR is a relatively new trend, we should keep an eye on its development in 2019.

Author: Clémence Gouy – Project: MANIFACTORY


(8) Natural Looking Photos

The days of staged-looking stock photos are pretty much over. Designers are now looking for natural-looking, non-typical photos, that is to say, stock photos that don’t look like stock photos.

Photo by: Ivana Cajina


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