Leaflets & Brochures to Boost Your Business

Leaflets, pamphlets, brochures are an effective way to boost businesses and increase sales. They are a timeless medium to advertise one’s brand in different marketplaces, including B2B, C2B and B2C. They are affordable and are easy to get under the nose of the desired customers. Leaflets/brochures are able to engage the target market with a single-page or multiple-page design. They present the information in a stunning and organised way so the target customers can be encouraged and persuaded. With the right choice of design, paper, and folding, leaflets/brochures will bring you promising results, making the promotion of your product or service easier and halving the battle.


Folded Leaflets

There are different types of folded leaflets you can choose from, depending on what your content is, to help you lay out your information in a systematic and chronological manner. Here are the common fold styles:

Leaflet & Brochure Design & Examples
Example 1. Brochure for Quality Healthcare Medical Services Limited

The target audience of medical service providers spans across different age groups. Placing the leaflets in a prominent position at clinics is effective in promoting certain medical services. Medical service leaflets have to be designed in a professional manner in order to reflect the nature of the business. It is suggested to keep the design neat and clean with appropriate use of infographics to help readers digest the information.

Example 2. MSD – HPV Immunisation Programme

Leaflet and brochure design is infinite. It not only should adapt to the business nature but also to the target audience. The HPV Immunisation Programme we were commissioned to last year targeted at students aged 9-18 years with the objective of encouraging parents to help protect their children with the HPV vaccine. Therefore, the leaflet had an energetic and lively feel to it with an eye-catching cover and inner pages. The style of each page is consistent, with each fold presenting the information in an organised and comprehensive way so that the readers won’t be overwhelmed by clumsy and cluttered texts.

Example 3. Ear Up Record Label Creation and Incubation Program

Most large-scale events use leaflets and brochures for promotion. One of the examples is the Ear Up Record Label Creation and Incubation Program. We have created a series of promotional items for the Program, including a 4-page standard fold leaflet. The Program’s desired audience is local music talents. We therefore went for a bold and statement design in three contrasting colours, red, black and white, to grab the attention of the audience.

Example 4. Build4Asia Brochure

Leaflets and brochures are very common in exhibitions. They allow visitors to understand the exhibition organiser itself and also exhibitors’ services and products. They also leave a good impression on visitors while help build the brand. The brochure that we created for Build4Asia exhibition is one of the examples. It comes in a landscape accordion fold, which allows more space for images, text and infographics and for greater readability.

Example 5. Miso Leaflet
Miso Japanese Leaflet Design//Miso 日本料理Leaflet設計

Leaflets provide a cost-effective way to help restaurants and food & beverage industry promote their services. Although this type of leaflet usually ends up in the litter, we can change the game by giving it a stunning design and appealing content that is worth reading. Distributing the leaflet at the right place and right time will definitely attract more customers to the restaurant. A common way to make a restaurant leaflet eye-catching is to incorporate the menu and food images with a strong headline.

Other leaflet/brochure designs:



Ear Up Global 18/19 Leaflet

Samsung Product Launch Brochure

Fook Ming Tong Tea Shop Leaflet

Tong & Guy Leaflet Design//Tony & Guy宣傳單張設計
TONI&GUY Leaflet

TONI&GUY Leaflet & Poster Design// TONI&GUY海報及傳單設計
TONI&GUY Leaflet


The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Leaflet


The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Leaflet
You can promote your business with leaflets that have an outstanding design. From leaflets, brochures, publications, magazines, posters to banners, We, CC+, are equipped with the design and printing knowledge and experience that can help you create the work that you’ve been dreaming of. If you have any questions, simply drop us a line. We are always ready to serve you!

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