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An aesthetically pleasing website that is user-friendly and functional will create positive impacts on your business and leave a good impression on your desired audience. A journey through your website can make or break users’ first impression about your brand. It is therefore important to ensure that the design of your website is best handled by professionals.

In this digital age, nothing is more important than establishing a remarkable online presence for your brand. Here are a few benefits a stunning website will offer you:
• Give your audience a clear, detailed picture of your products, service, brand philosophy, mission, etc.
• Provide your audience with more information through blog posts, which are proven boost SEO performance of your brand too
• Build credibility and authority for your brand.

Each website is unique in terms of its design and content. When designing a website, adhering to the brand key visual is the no.1 rule as the website serves as an online spokesperson for the brand that reflects the brand personalities. As design specialists, we strive to help our clients design websites that provide a clear picture of their unique voice and solidify their identity, creating a consistent identity over their other brand collaterals so that they will give their customer a memorable brand experience. Also, with the growing trend of using mobile devices to browse websites, we also ensure the websites are compatible with mobile devices to make them more user-friendly and accessible.


Wondering how we crafted one-of-a-kind website for our clients? Continue reading!


R.S. Lawyers

Blue is often associated with trust, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, and this is exactly what R.S.Lawyers want their clients to feel. The website for R.S.Lawyers is in deep blue colour, reflecting the firm’s creditability and professionalism in helping their clients. The website is neat and well-organised, with easy navigation, so that their prospective clients will understand and trust who they are working with.


Ear Up Record Label Creation and Incubation Program

CC+ was honoured to collaborate with Renaissance Foundation to design their ‘Ear Up Record Label Creation and Incubation Program’ website. The website incorporates the program logo designed by CC+ and the house colour of Ear Up – red, black and white – as the theme colour to reflect the programme’s mission and nature. The logo is a hybrid of an ear and a bass clef, with a similar appearance to the letter ‘E’ with the letters ‘U’ and ‘P’ on its side to represent the programme ‘Ear Up’.


Kenashi Ski Lodge

The website for Kenashi Ski Lodge introduces ski area information and lodge features. The website is given a minimal and sleek design to go in line with the tranquil and blissful atmosphere at a snow covered landscape. The website is laid out to keep all the information organised and clear to ensure a user-friendly experience. Large horizontal images that span far and wide are used in the website to demonstrate the visual beauty of the stunning landscape and the characteristics of the lodge.

Kenashi Lodge website designed by CC+


UNI Century

Uni-Century International Holdings Company Limited is a Hong Kong finance company. Their services cover a wide range of areas including financial services, real estate, media culture and human resources. CC+ catered to the needs of Uni-Century and constructed a website that corresponds to their professionalism and diverse business nature. The website uses copper colour as the theme colour tone in order to create a classy identity.

Parkside Chambers

Parkside Chambers is founded by a group of experienced and professional legal practitioners. The logo and website of Parkside Chambers were designed to highlight the professionalism of the firm. The design embodies a neat, orderly and stylish impression, with navy blue, a colour of trust, order, calm and loyalty, as the theme colour. The concept corresponds to the image of the firm – polished, authoritative and professional. The portrait photo shoot for the website was undertaken by CC+.


Hofex 2017 Website

HOFEX is the largest food and hospitality tradeshow in the Asia-Pacific region. We are responsible for the design fo the website and a series of promotional items for HOFEX according to each year’s theme, with the aim to attract more visitors to help them build more business connection and promote their business.


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Hofex 2015 Website
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CSG Consumer Search Group Website
CSG Website Design//CSG網站設計


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