Share LOVE to Stray Animals this Festive Season :)


Christmas is the time for love sharing, not only for your family and friends, but also for all stray animals. When temperature drops, abandoned and stray animals who have no shelter will become weak and without enough food and water, some may even lose their life.

To show our respect to life, we would like to invite you to join a love action – ordering the special collection of “Siu-Yuet Eco Can Plus” by HK Artist Siu-Yuet (小乙) × CCPLUS MEDIA × ONE ECO CAN, which 50% proceeds will be donated to Animal Friends, one of charitable organization of saving stray animals in Hong Kong.

Siu-Yuet Eco Can Plus is definitely the most meaningful gift for you & all stray animals this warmest Christmas!

To order Siu-Yuet Eco Can Plus:!blank/srplf
About Animal Friends:

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