3D Experimental Art of Luke Choice

Life is all about trying on new things, so is our work and design. We find our own way by trial and error. There’s never an absolute answer on where we are heading to because it is all up to our choices. Luke from Sydney Australia sees experiments as the core of design, bringing together with a slew of design elements to establish his presence in the branding world.

Luke Choice specialises in 3D design, paired with typography, illustration and motion graphics to create surreal and unexpected creations. He dabbles in multiple disciplines with a strong focus on colours and compositions to tell story through compelling visuals (visual storytelling).

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"Weeble Wobble"

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The designer’s work conveys a positive energy with the vibrant colour palette and rich visual aesthetics. While ‘less is more’ is prevailing in the world, Luke goes for ‘more is more’. ‘I didn’t resign myself to simplicity in my work, because the new tools were so exciting to explore.’ said Luke in an interview with WeMake.

Experimentation takes a large part in Luke’s boundaryless design world. He dives into the creation process with no intent of where he wants to end up. With the use of Cinema 4D, Photoshop and Illustrators, he experiments with the way colours, forms and motions present themselves. To realise a variety in his work, he jumps between typography, 3D and illustration, so as to land on the desired approach. The unconstrained process is also where he finds his inspirations.

The local advertising designed for the opening of the first Ray Ban store in New York.


We can’t find our way to success following others. To build up an empire of your own, here what Luke Choice says: ‘Stop looking at what everyone else is doing. Start simply and build up around core principles that excite you.’


Commission work by Luke Choice:

American Express

American Express iconic Green, Gold and Platinum cards



Series of tee graphics for Nike Spring/Summer release

Adidas Original NMD

Adidas Originals NMD with the animation centred around the themes of Urban Exploration and the Past Informing the Future. A creative collaboration using photography by Will Nichols.


Refinery 29

Collaborating with photographer Rockie Nolan for a series of animations that explore the small and unassuming moments that spark creativity.


Luke Choice:


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