Our specialty is in publication design and production. Our team is regularly responsible for producing dozens of in-flight magazines for airlines across the Greater China area. Some notable titles include Sky Shop of Hong Kong Airlines, U' Order of Hong Kong Express, V Shop of V Air and Fast Eastern Air. We provide expert services in content crafting, photography, artistic design, post-production, and printing quality control for all kinds of travel and leisure magazines.

We also provide online services encompassing web design and development, email marketing campaigns, social media strategy and other services tailored to our customer’s business and target audience.

Design & Branding

Our vision for design is that it should be both functional and aesthetic. We focus on excelling in functional and aesthetic design to satisfy each individual customer’s brand to deliver a creative and unique vision.

Our design services includes graphic design, web design, business card design, product design, industrial design, display design to illustration and art direction and anything else you can think of. We have extensive industry experience, working with some of the largest listed companies.

Video Production

We extend our services to video production and create powerful and creative video content through Cana Creative, a new division of CC+. We set out to meet our clients’ every need from concept development, production to post production. With the collaborative efforts of our experienced directors, graphic artists and our clients, we co-create beautifully crafted video content which delivers coherent messages to coax behaviour changes in consumers and audiences, as well as enhance their understanding of the brand.

Please visit Cana Creative for more information.

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We do more than just publication, design and branding. We also apply our creativity, experience and extensive professional network to help our customers achieve success in event planning and promotion, as well as online e-mail and social network marketing. We spend time to work closely with our clients to understand their business, the market and their target audience and collaborate to build an effective marketing strategy.

We help local businesses expand by enabling them access to the global market. Similarly, we offer international businesses the opportunity to develop their market in Greater China.