Graphic Design Trend in 2020

In the world of design, possibilities are endless. Creative minds have given rise to designs that set the trends. As we are about to start a new chapter in the new year, let’s dive into some new graphic design trends that are expected to take place in 2020. Which are going to take the world by storm, and which are here to stay? The designers at Milo have again concluded the general graphic design trends based on their observations over the work on Behance. Hope their analysis would be of great use for you to enhance your brand’s influence in the coming year.


1) 3D in graphic design

Although the 2D monopolises this brand of the design, 3D design is setting its roots in graphic design projects. 3D design spices up the design and makes it look more realistic. It can come in the forms of typography, illustrations, animations or typefaces.

03. NASA X BBC | Unnatural World by Studio—JQ ∆ on Behance /
NASA | Space Age by Studio—JQ ∆ on Behance /


2) Bi-colour

Bi-coloured design consisting of contrasting colours creates a vibrant look especially when used at full saturation. Less is more, this trend incorporates bold elements with an elegant touch and a strong contrast.

TIGER IN A MUSEUM by de_form studio, nora demeczky , eniko deri on Behance /
Ear Up Record Label Creation and Incubation Program Leaflet by CCPLUS


3) Optical perception art

Op art works are abstract, with many better known pieces created in black and white. Typically, they give the viewer the impression of movement, hidden images, flashing and vibrating patterns, or of swelling or warping. Through incorporating this trend in your design, it creates an impression of movement, but in a static way. If you wish to implement the idea of moving graphics in a printed poster or leaflet, go for this trend.

Tokyo Blends Film Festival by Mercedes Bazan on Behance /


4) Illustrations in Graphic Design

Illustrations have always been a regular sight in all fields of design, including graphic design. 2D illustrations are extremely popular for a few years and are expected to be one of the favourites of designers in the coming year too. Illustrations can be done in various creative styles, thus giving a unique presentation to the project.

Illustrations for Magazine Cover by CCPlus


5) Retro Synthwave

Retro Synthwave design is inspired by the 1980s. This trend can be found in advertising, media, cinema, art or especially into the world of synthwave music. This type of design usually comes with elements of bold typography, lasing or neon colours and retro-looking elements.

Cocktails and dreams by Gjorgji Despodov on Behance /
C I N E M A X by Jeison Barba on Behance /

6) Swiss design, dadaism, bauhaus

The most important movements of the 20th century in graphic design are always the inspiration for the best designers. They are up-to-date, and you will never go wrong following this trend. In general, these movements emphasise typography, sans serif fonts, geometric shapes, simple lines, volumes and colours.

Swiss poster 01 (typography terms) by Mehman Mammedov on Behance /


7) Large uninterrupted coloured space

Large uninterrupted coloured space will be one of our favourites next year. The space is usually paired with bold typography. The setting is absolutely attention-seeking, and therefore will be best to be used in product design and ui.

Havaianas Branded Content by Johann Vernizzi on Behance /


8) Ultraminimalism

Ultra-minimalist design reduces the elements to the essentials, paired with a limited colour palette and simple shapes to create an identity that is recognisable and pleasing to the eyes. Through eliminating extra elements, it renders the design items purposeful.

Andrei Gheorghe – DADA – Publishing by moodley brand identity on Behance /
Refined Brand Book by CCPLUS



Article credit: 2020 Design Trends by Loredana Papp-Dinea, Mihai Baldean & MiLo Studio



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