Is Print Still Relevant?

The rise of the digital age marks the downfall of newspaper and magazines. It also affects the way people receive information. With just one swipe, we can get information flowing in from all directions anywhere, any time. Print seems fading away, replaced by digital media. A lot of brands have shifted their attention to online platforms, establishing online presence through content marketing and setting up websites, mobile apps and social media accounts. In the face of the changes, we can’t help but wonder has print become outdated.



Print design is full of dynamics and possibilities. From choosing printing materials, decorative process, post-production to binding, there comes a whole array of choices that will turn the product into a one-of-a-kind, aesthetically pleasing masterpiece when paired carefully. There are different types of paper that come in different weight, thickness, grade and coating; There is foil printing, embossing, cut-outs and scented print to help make the print stand out from others; there is also a variety binding options, such as saddle stitching, perfect binding. Digital content can never beat print in terms of its aesthetics and texture.

Travel book design by CCPlus


Reading experience

In this information booming age, the overloading of information is far too overwhelming for us to take in and also make us hard to remember what we have read online. With the influence of fast food culture, we seldom digest the information on our phone but look for instant gratification to fill our appetite. On the contrary, print publications are effective in delivering messages that are going etch in people’s mind. Th texture and design also create incomparable reading experience, engaging the readers and allowing more space for the brain to process and remember the information. Also, with a print publication, as there is no change of getting distracted by links, messages or other online attractions, it works wonder to leave a stronger impression.

Inflight magazine design by CCPlus


Durability and Impression

Although the digital age benefits the spread of information, it floods our life with an over-abundance of information. The internet is like a vast and endless ocean that drowns every single piece of important information. Print media frees us from such hassle. As the storage and categorisation for print media is relatively easy. From business cards, catalogues, brochures to leaflets, the physical form of print media stimulates the brain activity and leaves a lasting impression. The more textural the experience is, the more likely somebody will want to choose the brand and its service/products.


Show Sincerity and Professionalism

Print materials reflect how much a brand values its products/services, respects its clients or customers and how serious the brand thinks of its position. Let’s say you have received an e-invitation and an invitation card. Which one makes you feel more respected? Which one is more credible? The answer has to be the latter. This type of branded printing materials is more human, with the sincerity to build a lasting relationship and communicate with the clients. On top of that, corporate brochures and catalogues are able to leave a good impression on others as they demonstrate the professionalism of the brand.

Leaflet design by CCPlus


The Value of Print

Despite the fall of print newspaper and magazine, they and other printing materials still play an essential role in today’s market. For instance, the inflight magazine is still an important branded project of every airline and a land of fertility for the advertising industry; Calendars, business cards, folders and other branded materials are one of the bridges connecting the brand and its clients; Flyers, brochures and posters are indispensable promotion materials to lure potential clients. Print and online materials complement each other and play a part together in branding promotion.



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